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Bella Roma Foods is committed to providing customers with locally sourced products. From our prepared meals to our meat products, we strive to ensure that we are providing customers with the best tasting products possible.

Knowing how and where our food is made is becoming more and more important to consumers and as a food purveyor we want to make sure we are being a responsible member of the food system. At Bella Roma Foods we make it a point to research and communicate with suppliers regularly to ensure that they are meeting our standards of production and sourcing. Staff at our store are always available to answer any questions you may have about the products you see in our counter.

Our hope is that customers who walk into our store experience a connection between the farm and their own table and that the food we sell brings them together with family and friends.

Customers are invited to email, tweet, or facebook us with meal ideas, marinades, sausage flavours, etc. they would like to see.


At Bella Roma Foods we pride ourselves on only carrying pork products that are locally sourced and farm fresh. All the pork items in our counter are processed without additives, preservatives or hormones to ensure customers take home a healthy, natural product.

Chicken & Turkey

Locally sourced, our fresh and frozen chicken or turkey is certified Halal, grain fed, hormone free, free-run, and raised on a healthy, balanced diet to ensure that our customers take home a premium tasting product. We offer a wide selection of fresh and frozen turkey sausages too!


Bella Roma Foods also has a large line of fresh and frozen sausages. All of our sausages are made with Ontario pork or Ontario turkey, hand-linked and prepared in-house with our own blend of spices. Our sausages are made without the use of additives, preservatives or gluten and are made with an all natural casing.

Prepared Meals

From comfort food to exotic dishes, we make all of our prepared meals in-house. We understand that it is becoming harder for our customers to find time during the week to make meals from scratch. We’ve created a line of fully prepared, refrigerated and frozen meals that are ready to cook or reheat!

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