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Menu Week of November 2-5 Hot and Ready Meals -BBQ Chicken (Wed-Fri) -Turkey and Herb Meatloaf (Wed-Fri) -Chicken and Turkey Pot Pies (Wed-Fri) -Turkey Tetrazzini (Wed) -Roasted Root Vegetables (Thurs) -Lasagna (Fri) Heat and Serve Meals -Mushroom & Tarragon Soup -Chicken Noodle Soup -Coq au Vin -Black Bean Burritos -Bean Salad

Menu (October 19-22) Check out the hot and ready menu for this week! Hot Food -BBQ Chickens *gluten free* (Wed-Fri) -Turkey and Herb Meatloaf *gluten free* (Wed-Fri) -Roast Potatoes *gluten free* (Wed) -Orange Curry Chicken Filo (Thurs) -Turkey Shepherd’s Pie *gluten free* (Fri) Heat and Serve -Chicken Pot Pie -Turkey Pot Pie -Turkey Cabbage Rolls *gluten free* -Chicken Curry *gluten free* -Turkey Chili *gluten free* -Black Bean Burritos Salad -Bean Salad Fresh Pork Sausage Flavours -Mild Italian -Hot Italian -Sundried Tomato & Feta Cheese

Hot and Ready Meals -BBQ Rotisserie Chickens (Wed-Fri) -Turkey and Herb Meatloaf (Wed-Fri) -Roast Potatoes (Wed) -Pulled Pork (Thurs) -Sweet Potato Wedges (Thurs) -Orange Curry Chicken Fillo (Fri) Heat and Serve -Turkey Pot Pie -Chicken Pot Pie -Burritos -Antijitos Fresh Pork Sausage Flavours -Mild Italian -Hot Italian -Garlic

July Menu Items Hot Menu (July 6-9) -BBQ Rotisserie Chickens (July 6-8) -Turkey and Herb Meatloaf (July 6-7) -Roasted Root Vegetables (July 6) Heat and Serve (July 6-9) -Turkey Cabbage Rolls (Gluten Free) -Turkey Pot Pies -Chicken Pot Pies -Black Bean Burritos Salads -Mixed Bean -Black Bean and Rice

Canada Day Blow Out Sale! (June 29-July 2) -All whole frozen turkeys on sale for $2.39/lbs (Regular 3.59/lbs) -All frozen turkey parts 30% off -All frozen pork tenderloin 25% off -All frozen chicken parts (excluding boneless skinless chicken breast and chicken wings) 25% off

Menu Week of June 22-25 Hot and Ready -BBQ Chickens (June 22-24) -Turkey & Herb Meatloaf (June 22-23) -Roasted Root Vegetables (June 22) -Pulled Pork (June 23) -Sweet Potato Wedges (June 23) Heat & Serve -Turkey Shepherds Pie (Gluten Free) -Cabbage Rolls (Gluten Free) -Chicken and Turkey Pot Pies -Black Bean Burritos

Hot & Ready Menu (June 8-11th) -BBQ Rotisserie Chickens -Turkey & Herb Meatloaf *Gluten Free* (June 8th & 9th) -Orange Curry Chicken Filo (June 8th) Heat & Serve -Chicken Pot Pies -Turkey Pot Pies -Cabbage Rolls *Gluten Free* -Bombay Ginger Chicken Skewers *Gluten Free* -Black Bean Burritos -Mixed Bean Salad *Gluten Free* -Antijitos

Who’s cooking on the BBQ tonight? We have the best sausages in town! Come to the store between 10-6! Pork Sausage Flavours: Mild Italian, Hot Italian, Mushroom & Herb Turkey Sausage Flavours: Mild Italian, Hot Italian

All prepared (fully cooked) frozen meals (excluding pies) will be 30% off from June 1st – 4th. Stock up on all your favourite meals for those busy summer nights.

rotisserie bbq chicken

Fresh off the Rotisserie, our famous BBQ chickens. Swing by the store today between 10am and 6pm to grab one for dinner!